Reiki Candles


Our Soy Candles, Soy Melts, Soy Tealights and Buddha Candles are blessed with Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and promotes spiritual healing, peace and relaxation. Truly made with love for you and the earth.

Our scented soy candles are made in Australia, handmade with love and care for you and the planet and cruelty free. Our entire candle range from jar candles, soy melts, soy tealights and Buddha candles are blessed with Reiki and are unique.

Quirche Zorche Candles are made using 100% natural plant-based wax, our scented candles are eco-friendly, vegan, free of paraffin, pesticide and herbicides and not tested on animals!

Our soy candle creations are made with love and care for the environment. They do not contain harmful toxins like other well known candle brands on the market.

We use quality fragrance oils creating a beautiful luxury candle making this the perfect eco-friendly choice and healthier choice for your home décor and gift giving. 



Why choose our soy candles:

  • 100% plant-based wax!
  • Vegan!
  • Manufactured from renewable sources!
  • Sustainable and Biodegradable!
  • Free of Pesticide and Herbicide residue!
  • Free of Genetically Modified Material residue!
  • Free of animal products and residue!
  • Free of animal testing!
  • Free of petroleum products!
  • Free of insect products!





    Our soy candles and soy melts are simply better for you, your family, your pets and the environment!

    We do not use a soy blend. We do not mix our wax with harmful paraffin wax or other waxes and we do not add harmful additives. Our soy wax does not contain toxins, carcinogens (cancer causing) or pollutants like other waxes on the market.

    Our wicks are lead free and are 100% textile grade cotton.  


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    If you're not feeling quite yourself, or you feel heavy and emotionally down, light one of our candles and in your mind set an intention for what you would like to heal within yourself, emotional and/or physical pain. With every slow deep breath in, breathe in your intention and with every slow deep breath out let what does not serve you anymore leave your body.

    We can't wait for you to experience why everyone loves our artisan hand poured Reiki candles Quirche Zorche Candles

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