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Australian made eco and ethical candles. Cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

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Quirche Zorche Candles is an Australian owned and operated eco friendly business since 2012. 

Our passion to create a candle that was kind to the environment and your lungs was inspired when we learned the shocking truth, most people are unaware of the toxic cancer causing chemicals they breathe in when burning a candle.

Paraffin wax candles and 'soy blend' candles contain petroleum (petrol) and are still heavily sold on the market today even by big name brands. These candles contain cancer causing toxins and are extremely harmful to you, your pets and the environment.

Would people willingly buy such a product if they knew it was damaging their health? 

Our love for the earth, the animals and good health inspired us to create beautiful candles that are planet friendly, cleaning burning and vegan. 

We research every ingredient that goes into our candles to ensure they are ethical, nontoxic, cruelty free and environmentally sustainable and biodegradable. 

Our candles are constructed to burn 50% longer than your average candle, and burn cleaner, leaving no black soot around the jar or on walls and ceiling.

We hand-pick supreme fragrance oils to enhance your experience, be it romantic, relaxation, therapeutic or ambience.

Every candle and melt has been individually prepared and decorated, touched by hands filled with love and Reiki. We know you'll enjoy every second of burning our artisan hand poured candles.

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Australian made, eco, ethical & nontoxic candles, melts, tealights, novelty candles & more.

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